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Small Business Finance Referral
We believe in building strong relationships with our referral sources, so we'll work with you for the long term to provide the funding your clients need to grow their business. Please contact this Sales Partner thru their website Contact information for further details.

Community Bankers
Next time you're looking to place a loan for a customer, partner with Merchant Xpress Finance; we can do the deal quickly, approve loans many banks can't, and will never compete with you for your banking relationship. Refer them to Merchant Xpress Finance where our products and services can compliment yours and help you meet your clients' needs.

Professionals: CPA's, Attorneys and Business Consultants
You don't need to hunt high and low to find the financing your clients need—just call us. Whether your clients are looking to maintain, grow their business or refinance it, Merchant Xpress Finance offers a variety of loan products with minimal down payments, terms to suit, and a focus on getting the loan closed quickly.

Independent Sales Partner Opportunity
Our success is a direct result of the success of our sales partners. What allows our sales and referral partners to stand out above the rest is an in-depth knowledge of the industry and the related products we offer. Being able to identify a business's financial necessities and more importantly, providing the applicable finance solution that satisfies their requirements.

If you have sales experience in bankcard, finance or the mortgage industry and are serious about enhancing a sales career thru one of our existing sales partners or launching an independent business opportunity of your own, we would be interested in speaking with you.

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