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Consumer Finance

Increase your client base and have happier clients by creating a higher level of value to your customers. All while super charging your cash flow and reducing accounts receivable headaches. Merchant Xpress offers customer financing options to help you take advantage of your otherwise untapped business potential. By handling a full range of consumer credit risks and offering custom tailored rate plans for a wide spectrum of industries. The online merchant center includes easy-to-use application to get your customers approved within minutes in most case and close right on the spot.

Equipment Leasing

Offers a quick and effective solution to start, add or expand your business with the equipment you need now. Equipment leasing normally doesn’t entail the banking formalities of business plans, extensive financials, and the collateralization of hard earned personal assets. Usually requires only 1 or 2 payments upfront, simply choose the term that best suits your cash flow; let the equipment pay for itself over that term and you own it at the completion of the set term.

Working Capital

It's time to change how you think about business financing. We have listened to what small businesses want in a loan and have delivered innovative solutions that put's your business needs first. It's a loan... only better! Approval decisions are evaluated in hours based primarily on the history and performance of the business, not just the personal credit of the owner. Businesses in need of capital for seasonal fluctuations, inventory or a discounted buying opportunity, leasehold improvements.

Merchant xPress Finance Markets

Our quality products and services combined with affordable payment plans will give you the competitive advantage that you have been looking for in your market.

Whether you are providing your customers with a delivered product or a future service, we can help you reach your revenue goals. We have tailored specific credit solutions to meet your custom needs.

Automotive Service, Home Improvement, Furnishings, Power Sports, Luxury, Jewelry, Other Retail, Bridal, Dental. Medical, Veterinary, Chiropractic 

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